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Can You Develop a Winning Strategy for Roulette?

Roulette is a game purely based on chance, but the complexity of bets you can place makes many players believe that they can influence the odds by choosing the best types of wagers or applying the most reasonable strategies.

Betting systems that now are common in roulette are not exclusively used in this game. Most of them were developed by skilled mathematicians, which makes them interesting from a theoretical point of view but doesn’t guarantee them being profitable.

Understanding Bet Types

For playing roulette, you need to learn the payout table and the odds of each bet. There are types with low volatility (you will win rather rarely but big), and others have high volatility (you will win quite often but not significant sums). The former is usually called even bets. But you need to understand that the chances for such bets are not 50% but slightly smaller because of the zero section. In this regard, it’s reasonable to choose European roulette to play, as it features one zero, unlike the American version of the game, which increases the house edge with 00.

So, the first of roulette tricks you might want to consider is choosing a proper version of the game. There’s French roulette which offers the most beneficial conditions to players: owing to special rules, in some situations your bets automatically remain valid for the next round.

Understanding Betting Strategies

There are various systems designed to help gamblers make reasonable decisions while playing. Most of them are based on specific progression: they suggest you increase the stake gradually. The famous Martingale system offers to double the bet after losing (there’s also the Grand Martingale for tripling), while the reverse Martingale is about doubling after winning. D’Alembert strategy is more moderate and recommends increasing a wager by one unit after each loss. The Paroli betting system implies increasing a stake after winning but only by the sum you’ve already won (some roulette experts believe this approach can bring positive expectations if used wisely.)

Some systems are more complicated: the Fibonacci strategy is based on a sequence of numbers where every number is the sum of two preceding ones. The Labouchere system suggests dividing a certain sum into smaller units, continually adding the first and last number.

All these strategies are more about managing money than bets themselves, and none of them actually promises some winnings. You can have fun with all the counting, but that’s basically it. The math of the game always indicates the house edge, which means that in the long run, a casino always wins. You can guess the right number only if super-lucky.

Understanding Roulette Myths

It’s crucial to realize that previous rounds have nothing to do with the next ones in roulette. No matter how impressive a streak looks like (there were some records of the same color appearing hundreds of times in a row), it will eventually stop, and nobody could predict when exactly.

You can manage your bankroll to lose less, but don’t expect it to help you win. Most myths about roulette center around profitable strategies – again, none of them guarantees you the results. What you can do is to try out different approaches just for the thrill, as well as apply all possible bets to explore the game and make the most out of the very process.

The most popular games of EGT Company

EGT Company produces games of diverse topics and directions. Slot games certainly hold the major popularity. Among the whole range of slot machines of the company, egt slots of fruit themes are in the greatest demand. The most popular are Dazzling Hot, 40 Super Hot, Flaming Hot, Caramel Hot, Burning hot. A distinctive feature of these simulators is a realistic image of ripe fruits and berries, with the successful loss of which you can become richer by tens of thousands of dollars.


Among other popular egt games are:

  • Oil Company II. This is an updated version of the black gold slot. Becoming one of the producers of oil, you can get rich fabulously. And the return of the simulator is more than 96%.
  • Rise of Ra. This is a machine that delicately reveals the subtleties of Egyptian subjects. The client moves in seconds to the time of the pharaohs, when the legendary pyramids just started to be built. Historical thrill, excellent mood anda pleasant amount of winnings in case of success will certainly delight every gambler.
  • Legendary Rome. It is a slot machine of the Ancient Rome subject. The gambling mood and hunting fervor awaken by means of fascinating characters and four cumulative jackpots.
  • The Story of Alexander. The slot has the historical theme as well. Romantic threads are skillfully woven into the history of the great conqueror – the image of the beloved woman Alexander the Great appears on the reels every now and then.

If you play to win it is not always the best idea to choose jackpot games

This is because jackpots usually pay out profits less often. If you still want to play on a jackpot, however, choose the games that have a lower jackpot. The odds of winning a jackpot are reduced by the amount of the winnings. A juicy progressive jackpot has very low odds. Thus, a fixed jackpot with lower winnings will hand out its jackpot more often. In order to know more about ole788, you can always go through the official web sites.

Bet on all pay lines

In some cases, you can choose how many pay lines you invest in. To increase your chance of winning you should then bet on everyone, at every spin. Otherwise, you risk losing a big win, just because you bet on the wrong line. If a particular slot has too expensive pay lines, you can try to find another game. The minimum bet for each pay line varies from game to game. With this you can first play at a cheaper game, and collect more money. Then you can switch to a more expensive game!

Vary your efforts

If you are not able to bet on all pay lines then you can choose to vary your bets. If you feel that you are lucky at the moment, you can play with higher stakes. When your turn seems to be running out, you can then lower your bet to not lose money.

Stop when your bankroll runs out

Now comes one of our most important tips, decide in advance how much you intend to spend. Then never play for more than what is in your bankroll. When it runs out, you should not make a new deposit. Nor is it a good idea to try to hunt for your lost money. The risk is that you simply lose more than you are prepared to do. Slot machines can in some cases come with a high risk. It is therefore never certain that you will get your money back. They are also always based on chance, so there is never any guarantee that you will get the big win. The only thing we can do is give tips on how you can increase your chances. However, we can never assure you that a particular strategy will lead to profit! We have several guides for different games. In addition, we have special offers for, for example, free spins from different new casinos. By checking out all this you can then get an extra advantage when you play all the different games! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. So it is when you play at the casino and there is nothing strange about it. When you feel that you are not winning anything, but the money just disappears, it may be a good idea to take a break or change the game.

Offer of Mobilecasinomobile games

Of course, the new customers will be welcomed with a casino bonus . At most, the new players can redeem additional gaming capital of up to € 1,010. It should be noted, however, that the bonus from the online casino is staggered. You will be rewarded with the first three deposits as follows:

It should be noted that the first three deposit bonuses must be redeemed within seven days. The minimum deposit required is 20 euros. Special pitfalls are not to be considered. All transfer methods are considered premium-relevant. You have completely free hand in the cash register area.

The terms of sales state that the starting capital – ie deposit plus bonus – must be played through 35 times in order to reach the payout maturity. The cashback bonus is subject to a 25 fold rollover. When playing free games, the different value of the games must be considered. After our Mobilecasinomobilecasino experience the offerer works with the following contribution factors:

The bonus terms are to be processed within 15 days. If the deadline is exceeded, the premium and the profits earned from it will be deleted.

Our experience with the Mobilecasinomobile casino in the transfer area is good, although the payment portfolio itself is not very extensive. All Mobilecasinomobilecasino deposits and withdrawals are handled free of charge. The German customers will probably miss PayPal as the top payment method at the gaming company. For users who only want to work with PayPal, we can recommend the new WunderinoCasino .

In the e-Wallets section, MobilecasinomobileCasino supports Skrill by Moneybookers, Neteller and EcoPayz. For smaller deposits the prepaid codes of the Paysafecard are very well suited. The bank deposits can be executed in real time with the direct booking systems of the instant bank transfer and with GiroPay. In Austria EPS is also available. Of course, the credit cards of Visa and MasterCard including all debit versions are recognized. Even the simple bank Maestro card is sufficient for a deposit, provided that the necessary cover exists.